"Frank Newman's intelligence includes not just intellectual brilliance. Yes, he is brilliant at math. He is also kind, and thoughtful, and expresses skills most sought in a tutor--the ability to connect with your child or teen, to communicate with sensitivity and insight, to continually assess needs and progress, and to instill confidence throughout the learning experience. Frank's quiet competence gets results efficiently. And along with math, his students benefit from the kind of high-quality, high-integrity relationship you most wish for in your child's life. As a parent and a professional working with children and families, I am pleased to give Frank and Lifesaver Tutoring my highest recommendation."

"Frank Newman really is a lifesaver! My daughter struggled during the first semester of AP Calculus during her junior year of high school, but after being tutored by Frank in the second semester, she was able to score a "5" on the AP Calculus AB exam. Her confidence level really increased and she enjoyed going to his tutoring sessions. With Frank as her tutor, she gained a deeper understanding of the concepts in calculus and improved her problem solving skills and speed. Frank is a very efficient tutor- so every minute is well spent. He was also great about scheduling and meeting my daughter's tutoring needs mid year. The tutoring sessions were a great investment and our whole family gained peace of mind during the stressful second semester of my daughter's junior year!'


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"Mr. Newman is one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen and any student would be lucky to have him. He truly has a gift for explaining things, using real world examples to make the problems seem relevant and putting them into terms everyone can understand. If a student doesn’t connect with a particular explanation, he explains it in a totally new way until it clicks for them. Mr. Newman really cares about helping his students succeed; coming early, staying late, and working through lunches. Mr. Newman is very encouraging, challenges students to think, and never makes anyone feel bad about not knowing the answer. Mr. Newman is truly an extraordinary and gifted teacher."

"Mr. Newman is the most influential math teacher I've had. He has an uncanny ability to explain tough topics simply and deeply. As his student, you feel this sincere dedication to the teaching of math in every class. He is always willing and able to explain subjects over and over, in different ways, until you understand. Thanks to Mr. Newman's teaching me Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus in freshman and sophomore year, I came completely prepared to AP calculus in junior year, both with the raw knowledge I would need and with the love of math that he inspired in me."

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